W&H LED light

LED bulb system replacement for TA-97/98 LED and TA-97/98 LED+. Includes replacement of the LED bulb and electronic control board or replacement of only the electronic board, if the LED bulb tests good. New TK 500 series ring LED Light Replacement also available.

Kavo 25 LPA & 25 LHA
attachment parts

Fifteen​ years ago, Dentalight began importing genuine Kavo parts for our use in repairing handpieces as well as providing to our customers. We were one of a few outlets for Kavo parts for many years. Now, Dentalight is the ​first and ​ only source ​for quality aftermarket head cartridges, intermediate drive shafts and pinion gears for Kavo 25 LPA and Kavo 25 LHA. These are all made in Germany and feature ceramic bearings. ​ The head cartridges are serialized and carry a 9 month warranty, but ​that will not be ​a ​ concern, because in the 2 1/2 years that we have been selling them, we have had no warranty issues. These products will allow you to provide more competitive pricing on Kavo electric attachment ​ repairs​ while being assured that you are using quality ​parts. Exclusively from Dentalight.

  • Syntek provides higher film strength than mineral oil. This means less wear for your instruments.
  • Syntek is unaffected by autoclaving. It will not break down, cause varnish buildup, or gel the way mineral oil will. It will not absorb water - mineral oil will.
  • Syntek has passed all protocols including wear, free running rpm and sterilization by a leading bearing manufacturer. It is certified “Food Grade” and is safe for use in all dental applications.
  • Syntek is a one step product. It is applied before sterilization to both clean and lubricate. There is no need to lubricate after sterilization! Instruments are contaminated when they are lubricated after sterilization.
  • Syntek is formulated for use in all dental instruments including highspeeds, slowspeeds, electrics, hygiene handpieces, all attachments and nosecones.


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