Syntek Synthetic Dental Lubricants

Syntek is a 100% full synthetic lubricating oil, made in the USA, specifically for use in dental instruments.

Most lubricants offered in the dental industry, including most major brands, are derived from a mineral oil base, which is inferior to Syntek in every measurable way. If your present lubricant is synthetic, it will be noted on the container.

Syntek is superior to mineral oil in the following ways:

  • Syntek provides higher film strength than mineral oil. This means less wear for your instruments.
  • Syntek is unaffected by autoclaving. It will not break down, cause varnish buildup, or gel the way mineral oil will. It will not absorb water - mineral oil will.
  • Syntek has passed all protocols including wear, free running rpm and sterilization by a leading bearing manufacturer. It is certified “Food Grade” and is safe for use in all dental applications.
  • Syntek is a one step product. It is applied before sterilization to both clean and lubricate. There is no need to lubricate after sterilization! Instruments are contaminated when they are lubricated after sterilization.
  • Syntek is formulated for use in all dental instruments including highspeeds, slowspeeds, electrics, hygiene handpieces, all attachments and nosecones.

Application is easy with the precision dropper bottle or the aerosol with handpiece specific lubrication adapters. It makes handpiece maintenance almost fool proof for office staff.

Syntek is chemically derived from pure ethylene gas, and contains none of the contaminants present in mineral oils. From the Mobil 1 website: “Just as distilled water is pure water derived from gas so Group 4 base stocks (full synthetics, known as PAOs) are pure oils derived from gas.” All refined mineral oils contain unstable sulfur and nitrogen compounds, salts, trace metals, carbon residues, asphalts, etc. which deposit in races, bearings, and chucking mechanisms after being exposed to autoclaving.

Mineral oil is made up of an inconsistent mixture of long and short chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms. In the autoclave, short-chain molecules can evaporate, and unstable molecules can oxidize and break down.

Synthetics are engineered to have consistent, long molecular chains which are more stable and provide stronger film strength needed for dental instruments. They have none of the undesirable contaminants that the mineral oils have.

Syntek always cleans and protects better.